Blizzard Controversy

Never A Dull Moment

In defense of Activision/Blizzard Entertainment

All right, so if you spend any amount of time in the online gaming community or at least aware of eSports, then you’ve no doubt heard about Blizzard Entertainment and the hot water it’s currently in.

The internet has all but called for Blizzard’s public execution after the company publicly denounced a Chinese Hearthstone player who recently won an international tournament.

China is facing an unprecedented time of civil unrest right now. Hong Kong is in an uproar over its treatment by the Chinese government. The people of China who are opposed to its authoritative government lead by President Xi Jinping, are pushing essentially for freedom. They want a democratic government and the right to free speech above all. The Chinese government is notorious for suppressing the freedom of its people and censoring all forms of expression.

Nevertheless, China also has is a massive market…

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